Génova financial Club was a preconceived idea in a trip made by Don Juan Garrigues Walker and Don Antonio Muñoz Cabrero to England and the USA, where they visited several private clubs including the Racquet Club, returning to Spain with the idea and intention of seeking support for to be able to found in Madrid a Social-Business Club of the same characteristics as those: a business and sports club that could satisfy the most refined taste of each one of its partners and guests, whether they were businessmen, financiers or politicians. Ideal for networking and for leisure moments of its members.

Madrid was a city of intense vitality, with superb buildings and beautiful gardens. However, in one way or another something was missing. Juan Garrigues Walker was the first to be aware of how much the city would earn if he had a club of the same category as those he had remained in his memory.

At this time, Don Juan Garrigues was the director of Real Estate Garona of Madrid, and through this Company and with the support and help of Mr. Luis de Rojas Maestre, Mr. Sancho Dávila García de Sola, Mr. Fausto Navarro Martorell and Mr. Manuel Rodríguez- Vilaboa began the realization of the project.

The dream of Garrigues Walker began to come true. A store is bought on the 0 floor of the Centro Colón where the Sports Zone is being built, which began operations in 1972.

Later on, several apartments are acquired on the 13th floor and the entire 14th floor of the Centro Colón where the works of the Business, Social, Cultural and Leisure part of the Club are projected and started to be carried out.

In a short time, the floors of the future Club would watch over the rooftops of Madrid.

At this moment, the Club Financiero Génova S.A., is created, and exclusive personnel are hired by Inmobiliaria Garona and Promotora Club Financiero Génova, S.A. to promote and start selling the 2,500 shares in which the Sociedad Propietaria Club Financiero Génova S.A. has been divided. with its corresponding partners for each of them.

Thus, after having obtained the first 500 members, on May 5, 1973, the Génova Financial Club was inaugurated.

The first Board of Directors of the Club has as Honorary President Mr. Antonio Garrigues and Díaz-Cañabate and as President the Count of Los Gaitanes Mr. Luis de Ussía y Gavalda.

Located in the financial center of the capital, Génova financial Club has played an essential role in the life of Madrid. At present, the Club is a key meeting point for many financiers and politicians who live or visit this European capital.

Génova financial Club shares with its 60 correspondent clubs located in 46 cities around the world (great international networking), the reputation of being one of the most exclusive and active clubs in Europe.

Currently, the Club maintains its traditions in terms of quality, discretion and service, and also has high-speed wireless Internet connections, the most advanced technology in audiovisual equipment for holding meetings and conferences, and plasma monitors with international financial information. A perfect environment for grouped entrepreneurs where events can be held.

Without a doubt, the desire of Juan Garrigues Walker to create an exclusive club based on the concepts that characterize him, the economy and sports, was fulfilled. We hope to welcome you to the Génova Financial Club to share your dream with you.

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