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Dear member:

In the recent General Assembly of members, the candidature that I presented for the Board of Directors was unanimously approved, for which I have been elected the new President of our Club. Therefore, my first words must be of gratitude to the members, to the former President, Juan Pablo Lázaro Montero de Espinosa; to the outgoing Board of Directors for the work done during these years, and to the people who accompany me in this new stage. I cannot fail to thank the excellent team of people who make up our staff for their work.

We have the big challenge of tackling the challenges of today’s world, this new era that has been called the Fourth Industrial Revolution ahead of us. As Juan Pablo Lázaro reminds us, the Club is a transversal scenario in which “people who think differently meet to talk and debate in the same place; when normally it is to find in the same places people who think the same way”.

In the discrepancy, science makes progress, and serious and educated debate is very necessary to promote critical judgement in these times of post-truth and fake news. The Club will remain a reference for Civil Society, attracting interesting proposals and planning intellectually constructive activities.  The Board of Directors I am honoured to manage is open to any type of initiative that arises from our members.

The period that is now ahead of us will have to blend tradition and modernity, and experience with novelty. We have an important and rich history to preserve, and at the same time, take new actions. Let us remember that our institution started in 1972 thanks to the farsightedness of our founders, Juan Garrigues Walker and Antonio Muñoz Cabrero. Therefore, we get to work from day one on four main lines of action that we have defined in:

  1. Services for our members
  2. Networking and International Relations
  3. Facilities and catering
  4. Work committees, debate and social analysis

The Club will become what the members want it to be. As for me, as long as I am at the front, and in the entire Board of Directors, you will find people involved in making you feel proud of your Club. We, and all the Club’s staff, are at your service in order to achieve it.

Warmest regards

Arturo de las Heras I President I
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